At a recent event for members of our flourishing trade community, we hosted a cocktail masterclass in partnership with the award-winning Archie Rose Distillery. In between cocktails, one lucky guest was selected and gifted a bottle of gin. It wasn’t just any regular bottle but a unique, special edition signature craft gin entitled Know My Name.

Know My Name Tailored Gin was conceived in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia to support the global initiative to honour women artists and to promote ongoing recognition of the instrumental role they have played in shaping Australian culture. With the empowering hashtag #KNOWMYNAME that has gained a mass following, showcased on the bottle, all are encouraged to see their art, hear their stories, and know their names.

When Archie Rose told us about this important initiative, we didn’t think twice about offering our support. As a business that is run primarily by women, including our remarkable CEO and founder Robyn, this is a cause near and dear to us. Women in all aspects of our lives are a driving, inspirational force behind everything we do and ultimately achieve - whether that be creatively, professionally or at home. We are strong believers in recognizing women for their powerful contributions and all too often, under recognised accomplishments.

We encourage you to consider how stories are told and think twice about where the credit should lie. Elevate the ideals of women in art, culture and design, and be part of the movement that re-addresses traditional gender biases about women in creative spaces.

Know My Name - a celebration, a commitment, a call to action. Learn how you can get involved here.