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10 Items

10 Items

Shelves designed with open-plan living in mind, feature open sides and ample space. Scandinavian design principles focus on simplicity and the value of free space. This minimalistic style values both function and form but not fussy details.

The Idaho range combines the texture of oak with wrought iron. White oak creates a light, almost ethereal feel that’s grounded by the iron frame, whilst black oak blends perfectly with the iron for a seamless, dramatic look. 

The two-shelf console optimizes the illusion of space, and the three-shelf unit maximizes storage in the same amount of space. Low-profile elegance and functionality are combined perfectly. 

Our Fabian range comes in a three and five shelf option, providing you with the versatility to place it where you need it most, from the living room to the kitchen, with its concealed bolts and screws, it'll blend in seamlessly with your space.

The timeless appeal of this style fits perfectly with Papaya’s brand values. Since 1996, we’ve embraced the minimalist mindset and promoted tasteful homeware in Australia. 

All designs and collections are available with four months of interest-free payments from Afterpay.

Welcome to Papaya, your ultimate destination for high-end homewares and furniture in Australia. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and style as you explore our exquisite collection of living room essentials. From plush armchairs to elegant coffee tables, console tables, shelves, and side tables, we have everything you need to create a captivating and inviting living space. 

Enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living room with our stunning shelves and side tables. Our shelves provide a perfect solution for displaying your cherished books, decorative items, and personal treasures, adding a touch of sophistication to any wall. With their impeccable craftsmanship and diverse styles, our shelves effortlessly blend seamlessly into your living room's design, allowing you to showcase your unique personality and taste.