There is nothing we love more than opening up our showroom and sharing the space with those who are inspired by our brand as much as we care for it. Fortunately, we recently had the special opportunity to do exactly that. A Date with Papaya was a beautiful day and evening where we welcomed our friends from the trade community to make themselves at home in the place we have cultivated to be not only a sanctuary, but also an environment that inspires and delights. 

Our journey together began with an enchanting afternoon browse around the showroom. Our guests joined us for lunch at our Camperdown head office, immersed themselves in the stunning display of our newest collections, and met Rachel and Charlotte from the Papaya Trade team.

As the day progressed, our showroom transitioned to dusk as the sun set and our space came alive with our modern, sensual silhouettes lit behind the twinkle of warm lights. 

We spent the evening brushing up on our mixing skills with a personalised cocktail masterclass hosted by Sydney’s award-winning Archie Rose Distillery. Together we crafted two cocktails featuring their signature vodka, infused with botanicals, twice carbon-filtered Sydney water and pure Australian wheat. Having Archie Rose with us for this special evening was a real pleasure, and with their assistance and expertise we sipped our way through the evening. 

Every moment we shared throughout the day left us feeling inspired. The buzzing atmosphere was contagious as friends old and new gathered, acquainting themselves with one another as well as the beautiful showroom space. It is times like these that bring us back to why we care so deeply about developing and nurturing the Papaya brand. Nothing compares to the energy and inspiration that comes from a group that is gathered together with one goal and passion in mind - to create simply beautiful living.