Our Story

Simply Beautiful Living - a synergy between the unspoiled beauty of raw materials and the understated clarity of contemporary design.

our origins

The Papaya brand was created in 1996, born of a quest to find and form sustainable natural materials and combine these with simple, elegant design to establish a homeware brand that is innovative, contemporary and timeless. Papaya seeks to recapture the soul that exists in all items made with the time-honoured skill and aptitude of experienced hands.  This is reflected in the sensual, tactile and very human nature of all Papaya products.

the papaya family

For us, it's all about the people. We are a small and cohesive team, each contributing some special attribute to Papaya, from creativity and flair to administration and logistical skills. Papaya is a demanding but happy workplace, filled with energy, commitment and enthusiasm.  We take pride in the relationships established with our customers and suppliers alike, ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of ethical and professional standards in all our endeavours. 

our ethics

We manufacture products to our own unique designs, in partnership with artisans and producers across the globe. Papaya does not knowingly support child labour, and much care is taken during the negotiation stages and product development to ensure that all workers involved in the production of Papaya products are paid a fair living wage in line with universal ethical values. 

our collections

We produce three collections each year. Our Spring/Summer collection starts to arrive in stores from September onwards, the Autumn/Winter collection from March, and our festive range is launched with our ever-popular Christmas store windows in mid October. With each collection, we launch inspiring new items across each of our many product categories. However, Papaya classics remain available too. There are some collections we have had from the very beginning that are as strong now as they ever were. They are evidence of the timeless nature of our designs.

Papaya team