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14 Items


Dining stools and bar stools often have more impact on a guest’s impression of your home than the table. They’re the first thing your guests see and cater for  your guests’ comfort.  

Designer homeware sometimes means choosing between comfort and style, but there’s no need to compromise one for the other any longer. Papaya partners with artisans worldwide to combine the best of both. 

Made from a concrete composite, Raphael stools offer firm support and simple lines. The look of stone complements many design styles. 

Wrought iron lends sturdy support for barstools, and rattan adds comfort and a chic feel. 

Moulded plywood brings together stunning wood texture and classic Danish design. Relish the minimalist feel and see why the world is starting to embrace the principle of Hygge. Hygge is a Scandinavian idea that embraces simplicity and sustainability.

The principles on which we founded Papaya in 1996 are still being applied in our designs and products today. We provide easy Afterpay financing and Australia-wide delivery.