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  1. Sale Nala carved hanging male - black
  2. Sale Temple carved panel whitewash - medium
  3. Sale Etienne carved panel - small
  4. Sale Etienne carved panel - medium
  5. Sale Ilanthra woven artwork - square
  6. Sale Ilanthra woven artwork - rectangle

9 Items

Wall Art

Your home’s walls are a canvas to creatively express yourself on. If you’re searching for wall art that can help you improve your interior design and add style and substance to your home’s walls, Papaya has artwork designed and crafted by international artisans to fill that empty space.

Whether you prefer wall art prints or want to hang decorative sculptures, we have an extensive collection to explore. No matter your home’s design, we have wall art that can help you complement your current themes and tones.

At Papaya, we have been committed to sourcing ethical and sustainable products since we first opened our doors in 1996. Our brand, partners with some of the most skilled artisans we could find.

Australians who purchase our products online benefit from nationwide product delivery. Additionally, you can buy our wall art products using Afterpay if you want to reduce the upfront cost of your home’s décor.