Perusing bookshelves is a favourite pastime here. Bookshops, libraries, shelves in homes. And if we learn a few things as we read along the way, we believe we’re all the better for it. We can widen our minds and horizons and gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the world. One such book we were recommended (courtesy of Magda) was: ‘Wabi Sabi’ by Beth Kempton.

Without realising it, this is an idea that we have been behind from the beginning of Papaya. Hard to define and translate directly, Beth notes that Wabi Sabi is:

‘An intuitive response to beauty that reflects the true nature of life’


‘An acceptance and appreciation of the impermanent, imperfect and incomplete nature of everything’


‘A recognition of the gifts of simple, slow and natural living’

Understandably, it is quite tricky to define in English, with physical and philosophical meanings, that have even adapted overtime. However, this book is well worth the read, and something we really identify with here. Enjoy.