Ask each other the simple question: ‘how are you?’ and reply honestly. Right now, you might get ‘up and down’ as a reply. Well, if we are honest, we feel the same. It’s been a rollercoaster recently, but we have a few ways to stay positive and thought we’d share a few of them. Tiny things that can make one moment feel better.

SWIM in the sea
Living by the sea - like we do in Sydney? This time of year may have a chill in the air, but this makes a seaside swim all the more invigorating. Get outside, get those endorphins racing and brave a swim-and-go dip. A hot shower on returning home, wrapping up in a dreamy white dressing gown, sit down with a tea and you’ll relish the opportunity to dash out again. 

BAKE a cake
Can’t go wrong with a slice of cake. A Nigella-inspired sugar-filled treat is surely justified post-swim. The act of creating something (for friends or for yourself) not only keeps you busy, but also forces you to focus on the process and distracts you from spiralling thoughts. May be temporary but still a welcome outcome. 

READ a book
Light a candle, cosy up in comfy clothes, snuggle under a knitted blanket in a corner and take the time to read a book. You can drift off to unknown places diving deep into a novel. Short stories are a perfect pre-bedtime treat for the time poor. A magazine or a blog are just as good. Whether you prefer fact or fiction, busy your mind with new insights or just be entertained.