We love our Kabir and Bhadra collections. Originating from India, each tell their own unique story. Some pieces are still used, some are relics from the past, but all of them have captivated us in some way. Read about them here.

Bhadra vintage timber pot
Exclusively in our Papaya retail stores, hand pick your favoured shape & size vintage timber pot which were used in hill stations in Indian tribal areas where the villagers carve vessels from wood rather than use steel. This type of pot was used for centuries to store liquids such as milk and curd. 

Bhadra vintage carved timber bowl – small
This timber bowl was used (and sometimes still is) for storing fruit and vegetables. 

Bhadra vintage carved timber bowl w handle – large
This piece is a flat timber bowl that was used for making sweets. These pieces are more than 50 years old, but often still used by some villagers.

Bhadra vintage timber candle stand - small
Used in from villages in Southern India, wooden seed dispensers like these were used by farmers in remote villages, far from the big cities who were unable to buy machines to do the work. New technology is now available, but in the past, farmers would use this in the fields for sowing seeds by placing seeds inside the dispenser by hand, then attaching pipes to separate the seeds during sowing. The individual pieces were carved more than 70 years ago. 

Bhadra vintage timber candle stand - large
These hand-carved timber pieces served as the base of a house pillar in south Indian villages. an older trend, but one that has come back into fashion more recently in the cities - these unique pieces once carried the weight of rooftops. How wonderful to think of its history as a conerstone bearing the weight of a househouse when you use this candle stand. 

Kabir vintage stone plates

These intricately carved stone plates are from south indian villages, although are now rarely used. This particular style of plate was only used once a year for festivals.