Back when Papaya could travel overseas, we had a great trip exploring the treasure trove of amazing craftsmanship that is India and discovered this authentic collection of vintage clay pots and carved stone plates.

Beautifully organic – they call out to be touched, caressed. Each piece is different in colour, pattern, shape and size and each has its own history and story to tell.

We love the dance of the old among the smooth, clean lines that define our aesthetic. The combination takes us back to our essential roots, the interplay of tactile natural materials, from the smooth and sleek to the raw and organic. Pure Papaya.

We are so excited the shipment has arrived. 

If you’d like to handpick your own piece, visit one of our stores (they are open and ready to help) or call us to direct you to a stockist. Or order online and enjoy the unique Kabir treasure that arrives at your door. 

timber candle stand