It’s no secret we are fans of flooring; parquet for its symmetry and simplicity or tiles for their cooling properties. Yet to ground a space in an open-plan area, protect your floor from outdoor dirt or simply create homeliness, all you need is rugs.


Before you buy

Think of where and why you want a rug. Flatweave is great for high-traffic areas, wool blend is easier to clean if you have children or pets, or a sisal is hard-wearing and natural.



We recommend a rubber underlay with all our rugs. Not only will it help extend the life of your rug, but it can protect your floor, too. They are anti-slip, comfy underfoot, good heat and sound insulation and protect your floor from furniture.


Materials: which and why

WOOL: a sustainable and durable choice. Naturally flame-retardant and water-repellent fibres, as well as pretty easy to clean and warm for winter. but, if you have allergies, this shouldn’t be your go-to.

WOOL BLEND: Often more cost-effective, easy to spot clean. Mixing pure wool can make it softer under foot.

COTTON: A natural, versatile material, perfectly suited to easy everyday living.

JUTE: natural, sustainable and beautiful tonal variations. Not as long-lasting as wool, but more stain-resistant than sisal. viscose: a cellulose fibre derived from plants, similar to cotton. It is a strong versatile material that can be blended with polyester to give it shine and durability.

SISAL: A durable, neutral-toned natural fibre. It is woven from the agave plant originally found in Mexico. It can be harder to clean due to the weave and its natural fibres, but is a beautiful hard-wearing material.

YARN FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC: Ever wondered what happens to plastic bottles from the recycle bin? One innovative use is to create yarn and weave them into rugs from 100% PET, which can be used indoors or outdoor undercover areas.