You’ve bought the gift, but rather than unrolling more new wrapping paper, how about using linen or a scarf that makes the wrapping all part and parcel (literally) of the gift. We met Yoshie Kumagai who taught us the technique of wrapping with fabric, and the concept of ‘musubi’. This translates as ‘knot’, but also as ‘connecting two things or people’. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate word to acknowledge all mothers this weekend. No fabric? No worries. Recycle that old sketch, newspaper, magazine or even pages from a discarded book: these would work as well.

gift wrapping


1.       Place a box on the centre of a square piece of cloth.

2.       Cover the box with corner ‘a’.

3.       Cover the box with corner ‘c’.

4.       Bring the corner ‘b’ and ‘d’ up.

5.       VERSION A) Tie the corners with a ribbon or string or VERSION B) Double knot together, tuck under the knot & add ribbon for decoration


Thanks to Yoshie: learn more at Musubi