After all, it is the season for slumbering. For an easy update in your bedroom here’s how to make the most of your room.

SERRA: just throw on the end of your bed for added layers and get cozy. 

MARCUS: bedheads have never been easier to install. Just prop against the wall and your bed has gone from divan to divine (VERY CHEESY I KNOW). 

PANAMA: a rug at the end or side of your bed keeps your tootsies toasty in these upcoming colder months. Opt for a runner, it makes it easy to move around. 

KEVA: no setting up required. Use the pale wrightia wood as a speedy bedside update, corner piece or even a doorstop. 

HANNAH: let it glow. The pure white porcelain bedside lamps are a simple addition to fit in with any interior. Elegant and ambient.