Hot cross buns are baking, the scent of cinnamon and spice drifts through the air, it’s time to lay the table. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and you’ll certainly make some bunny very happy.


Easter how to


What you’ll need

  • Bay linen napkin
  • Meadow or Solstice decorative egg
  • Twine or woollen rope
  • Fresh rosemary (if you like) 
easter how to


1. Lay your Bay (or St Claire if you prefer a blanket-stitch edge) linen napkin out flat. We like to iron it quickly to make it easier to fold.

2. Fold the napkin as shown by turning in two opposite corners. 

Easter how to  
3. Place the egg at the central point of the napkin and wrap. You’ll already see the bunny ears taking shape. 
4. Tie the napkin with some simple twine or woollen rope in a simple bow and your Easter bunny ear table setting is complete.