Shorter, cooler days mean cosy times ahead. Entertaining at home with candlelight aplenty is certainly top of the list in the short winter season. So why not make the most of it and jump on the Christmas in July bandwagon? No need for full-blown festivities, just understated elegance. Here’s how. 


What was once a childhood chore has now become a dream task as an adult. Making a night to remember starts with the simple art of setting the table: think of it as setting the tone for the evening with three steps: lights, camera, action. 


Low lighting, always. Even if it’s starting as a sunny outdoors leisurely lunch, it will probably stretch on into the evening. Opt for warm bulbs, LED garlands or fairy lights. These needn’t be traditionally draped around a tree, try putting them in glass vases amidst natural foliage instead. Battery-operated ones work a treat for this. Natural candlelight also adds a softening and flattering touch. 


Flattering lighting is set, and like it or not, these days it seems everything and everyone should be photo ready at the drop of a hat. How? Stick to classic pieces that you can use time and again such as clear glass, glazed porcelain, or linen.


Vases of foliage, sparkling lights, linen, porcelain and glass. The raw materials of the scene are set, now just add the music, food, guests and a splash of laughter. You’ve made it more than everyday dining, your guests will thank you for it and remember these thoughtful touches.