In celebration of International Dog Day, we asked our team at Papaya about the special pups in their life and their favourite place in their home. 

Meet the team and their dogs!


Meet Zuko, a sun seeker and bundle of fun French Bulldog / aka our senior creative buyer Magdalena’s adorable 2-year-old pup.

“Zuko’s favourite spot in the home is In bed, on my lap, near a patting hand, or underneath the dining table waiting for crumbs to fall. Always finds a sunny spot to sunbake” - Magdalena


Meet Effie, the newly appointed and beloved fur-baby of our customer service and graphic designer, Hayley. A warm and loving rescue kelpie x border collie, she’s certainly well loved amongst our head office. 

“Effie loves the Dawson armchair, and has claimed it as her own, though sometimes she does let us sit with her on it for a cuddle” - Hayley



Meet Dylan, the cuddly and playful Cavoodle and much-loved fur-nephew to our graphic designer and social media manager, Piper.

“Dylan loves to get cozy on a tall pile of cushions - sometimes one cushion is just not enough! He’s taken a liking to the collection of Papaya cushions stacked on the sofa. When he’s not cuddling up with us on the sofa, you’ll find he’s most likely snuck into the bedroom to curl up with a cozy blanket” - Piper



Meet Harper & Amie, the dream team and loveable labradors of our wholesale account manager, Dominique. The kitchen is certainly the heart of the home for these crumb-hunting pups.

“Harper & Amie’s favourite place in our home is the kitchen. All meals are a team effort, with the humans cooking and the dogs ensuring any crumbs or messes on the floor are cleaned up immediately!! All foods must go to the Labs for testing before serving.” - Dominique



Meet Brutus; the cuddle-loving English Bulldog and beloved pup of our marketing manager and graphic designer Emily.

“Brutus loves cuddles on the couch - he literally shakes his bum all the way to the couch when he hears the words” - Emily


Meet Rosie, the Cavoodle and adored pup of Jorja, our Bondi sales assistant.

“Rosie especially loves the couch, snuggled up against anyone who is sitting there too. When there's no one to keep her warm, she'll lie in a sunny patch on the floor, or in her fluffy bed.” - Jorja



Meet Ouarzi, our head office hero and beloved cavoodle of our project coordinator, Kasia. ​​

“Ouarzi likes having an eye on everyone in our household, and this is how she chooses places to lay down. She knows we cannot resist to give her a pat, when she's in our way!
She also loves coming to the office where she gets even more pats and rubs” - Kasia


Meet Effie and Bailey (Cavoodle and Maltese Shih Tzu), power-duo and adored fur-nieces to our Senior buyer, Kate.

“Effie loves to be wherever the humans are (*food). Queen Bailey loves her sunny throne. They also love relaxing on Papaya cushions. While they are not officially my dogs, they are my beloved fur-nieces.”



Meet Maya, the ultimate sun-seeking Staffy, and beloved pup of our Bondi Floor Manager Marcela. Don’t Maya and Marcela make the perfect pair soaking up the warm rays at their favourite park? 

“Maya loves the balcony during summer and the fire/heater during winter. Maya loves to seek out the warmest spot inside the house and loves sunlight too”




Meet Lola, resident Head office pup and dog-sitting companion of our buyer, Ruby. Lola adores being dog-sat by Ruby and all the attention she receives at our head office.

“Lola's favourite place in the home is to get lost/snuggle under a blanket”