‘Unforgettable spaces and inspired design’. We are sold on the tagline alone. Then scrolling through estliving.com, you can see the tagline visually come to life. Sian MacPherson, founding editor, has created a digital space to view architecture and interiors with a design aesthetic that perfectly marries with our own ethos: pared-back style, neutral tones and beautiful materials. We spoke to Sian to find out a little more behind the online magazine and her own inspiration.

MOTIVATION: What made you start estliving.com?
estliving.com was born from a motivation to share inspirational spaces with a global audience at a click of a button. Working as an interior designer I was increasingly frustrated by having to store ‘dust collecting’ print magazines so that I could refer back to them when showing clients a visual reference for the mood I was wanting to convey. I wanted to be able to locate, save and share digital images and send them through an email so that the client could understand the design intention of each scheme that I put forward. At the time there were no other design magazines that represented my own aesthetic that offered the ability to download and share inspirational design led spaces. Since 2011, estlving.com has grown remarkably in terms of both our audience and our output and I am proud that it has grown to be the much-loved design reference tool that it is today for both designers and design lovers alike.

INSPIRATION: What inspires you?
There are lots of people who inspire me. Obviously the designers we showcase on the pages of estlving.com are all inspirational to us and they have to pass our in-built ‘est barometer of style’ before we will feature their work. Anyone that sticks their neck out to try something new and challenge the status quo always inspires me….even if they fail.

On a more personal level though I can honestly say – as cheesy as it may be – that it is my children who inspire me to keep striving and pushing the boundaries in all that I do. They work so hard and have grown accustomed to working outside of their comfort zone throughout their childhood and yet they have achieved so much for themselves. I could not have achieved what they have done in their short lives that’s for sure.

DESTINATION: Where is your favourite destination to unwind?
I have spent a lot of time recently in the beautifully quiet and relatively little known beachside town in northern NSW, South Golden Beach - just north of Brunswick Heads. It is absolutely idyllic in that there are no crowds, no shops (bar an excellent takeaway shop that sells sourdough from Bread Social and old school pizzas on a weekend) and an endless stretch of beach that I have not yet been able to reach the end of – and I like to walk for hours and hours to unwind!

INFORMATION: Please can you share your  greatest lesson you've learnt on your journey?
Don’t overthink it, just get it done. Nothing is ever going to be perfect – you will adapt and change things to be as they should be, just start somewhere and build on it. There is no such thing as perfect timing and there is always going to be healthy competition so just focus on what’s in front of you and follow your own path.

LOCATION: Which is your favourite room at home?
While cooking for four giant males in the house is a bit of a chore at the best of times – I do love this room as this is the one place in the house that we all come together and talk and catch up with one another. The boys pretty much spend the rest of their time when they are at home in their bedrooms so food is the only way I can draw them out.

Your favourite PAPAYA piece?
I still have the Papaya glass hurricane vessels from my time working as a stylist for Pond in Mosman many years ago and these have moved house with me 11 times and have not broken. I still love them and they are great en masse with Papaya candles out on the deck.

From the current catalogue though I use the Laki Bamboo Pendant’s as a sculptural piece in a room rather than as a light but love them for both uses. I also love the Idaho Oak three shelf unit in black for its simplicity and structural form.

Image Credits: 
The Home of Camilla Freeman-Topper by Alwill Interiors and LRA
Photographer: PRUE RUSCOE

Paris Apartment by Guillaume Alan
Photographer: matthew donaldson
DESGINER: Guillaume Alan