Notre Monde trays, mirrors and furniture are distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces created by hand and features a signature assuring its authenticity. Hand-finished and traditionally painted, they are created by artist Dawn Sweitzer. Dawn draws her inspiration from extensive travels and the motifs and methods used in her products show a particular interest in the art and design of Eastern and Western Europe. Her work brings the beauty of nature and simplicity into the home. Using striking patterns and designs as well as sleek silhouettes and simple mirror finishes, each piece in the collection exudes a sense of understated luxury melded with the practicality of everyday living


 Notre Monde


Dawn is a self-taught artist, inspired by the world around her. Whether that is when she is away travelling or at home in North Carolina, everything and anything can inspire her work. From inanimate objects such as books and pictures to people and places. Layering, textures and patterns are the characteristics now synonymous with the Notre Monde collection.

The Notre Monde brand is a direct expression of Dawn's immersion into various cultures and the diversely meaningful ways in which people embrace the good life.

The latest addition to the collection, Wabi Sabi underlines the ‘beauty in the not-so-perfect’. The combination of sienna, sepia and sand colourways are drawn from dramatic sunset views of the landscape in the Blue Ridge Mountains, USA.

Papaya is the exclusive Notre Monde distributor in Australia.


 Notre Monde