Introducing - LINIE DESIGN

Linie Design is a Danish design house with traditions deeply rooted in Scandinavian design and expertly handcrafted rugs. Founded in 1980, they are today the largest developer of handmade rugs in Northern Europe today, distributing unique designs to over 70 countries. Papaya is delighted to represent Linie Design as their exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand.


The expert designers at Linie Design create artistic rugs that appeal to the senses – inviting touch and offering visual stimulation. Made with the finest materials, each Linie Design rug is hand made by skilled artisans. The result of this remarkable craftmanship is a timeless and long-lasting product that transcends trends and will endure for many years to come.

A curated fusion of textures and colours that stays true to the authenticity of the materials and craft, yet is not afraid to explore new dimensions and innovative designs in contemporary contexts.



Taking Care of People and the Environment

Linie Design's Code of Conduct eprioritises human rights, safety and health as well as the local environment. 

They do not do business with anyone using child labour, and do not engage in any form of discrimination, while providing a healthy and safe working environment. 

Through Care & Fair, a worldwide industry initiative of the European carpet trade, Linie Design supports schools and education as well as the Women Empowerment Program giving women the opportunity to learn basic maths, reading and writing skills. 

Linie Design ensures that all relevant environmental laws are complied with at their production sites, in line with the EU directive REACH. Materials are carefully sourced to protect the environment.