Introducing - ASA SELECTION


ASA SELECTION created a distinct line of ceramics and porcelain, with unconventional and uncomplicated designs for modern living since 1976. ASA SELECTION unique signature lies in their design of simple and timeless shapes across all product lines winning them countless international design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award. With a global presence in more than 80 countries, Papaya is delighted to represent ASA in Australia and New Zealand.

In the world of abundance and mass production, quality and design are crucial factors of ASA SELECTION'S products. They have decades of knowledge about material origin which is used to push design limits in terms of dimensions and refinement. Their sophisticated designs are crafted from high-quality natural materials which met the requirements for sustainability. The handcrafted pieces pass on the traditional techniques from many generations before the maker. The passion of the product is reflected in the quality of each collection these people, who are native to typical ceramic regions, stand behind what they do with profession and passion. What could be more beautiful.