We first had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Walton when she published her first book some years ago. We hosted an evening to celebrate the launch of that book, ‘This is Home: The Art of Simple Living’ (Hardie Grant). Now, her second beautiful book ‘STILL: The Slow Home’ (Hardie Grant) has hit the bookshelves. Capturing the essence of the slow living movement, STILL tells the story of Natalie visiting 20 homes across the world to see the different paths people choose to live life at a slower pace. We discover Natalie’s unique ways of  focusing on making the most of the slower living movement.

MOTIVATION: What motivated you to write your new book ‘STILL’?
The seed of an idea was planted when my family began a tree-change journey - moving from inner-city Sydney to the countryside. Within weeks we were flooded, and then exposed to bushfires. I quickly began to realise the impact that humans have on our environment. At the same time consumerism was getting out of control, and after much research I realised that one of the easiest and simplest ways we could make changes was within our own homes.

INSPIRATION: Who inspires you in the various projects you work on?
I am inspired by writers, philosophers and people who are trying to bring meaningful and positive change to our world. Ilse Crawford has always inspired my design work - she is thoughtful, timeless and human-focussed.

Image: STILL by Natalie Walton, Photography by Chris Warnes. Publihsed by Hardie Grant.

INFORMATION: Can you share the greatest lesson you've learnt?
One of the best lessons I’ve learnt is to share my knowledge. It has transformed my life. A few years ago I decided to share everything I knew about interiors and styling through my course The Styling Masterclass and now I have students from all over the world take my courses, learning to style with confidence.

DESTINATION: Where is your favourite place to unwind?
The Pass in Byron Bay. I do love travel - but being out on my surfboard really is a meditative experience. But, if I were to hop on a plane, I would love to take my family to Mallorca in Spain or Trancoso in Brazil to show them the places where I visited for my books.

LOCATION: Your favourite room at home and why?
My bedroom - hands down. It’s my sanctuary - a place to relax and unwind. I keep it simple and calm and it bookmarks my day in the most beautiful way.

Image: STILL by Natalie Walton, Photography by Chris Warnes. Publihsed by Hardie Grant.

Favourite PAPAYA piece?
The Kabir clay pots are beautiful.

Daily living tip to feel more calm?
Going for a walk is hard to beat. I instantly feel better.

Favourite time of the day?
Morning time when life is ripe with possibilities. 

This is Home: The Art of Simple Living
Still: The Slow Home