'Just do it’. A famous slogan, but also the words nonchalantly said by Susana (our in-house designer/visual merchandiser) when asked about her top tips for styling. All with a simple shrug of her shoulders and a wry smile. But for those of us after a bit more help in creating a thoughtfully-curated home, here are five suggestions:

Start with one thing

Just one item alone can be statement enough. If you do have a grouping to work with, then starting with one piece, usually the biggest, can help in styling the layout of your shelf.

Neutral palette

A given with us, but it does work as an easy canvas for your home. Add extra colours to a neutral background as you wish.

Three pieces/odd numbers

Conforming to even numbers works well for pairs of socks and the like (or does it? they never seem to be paired), but odd numbers are the basis for creating a perfectly imperfect balance on your shelf.

Textures. Also applies to soft furnishings

Contrasting varying tactile finishes such as marble and unglazed earthenware can create an area of interest. Keep to the same colour tones so that there is a sense of cohesion.


Ambience. Last but by no means least. Stark white halogen strip lighting has no place here, keep that for the dental surgery. Warm white light can make all the difference and instantly transform your space.