In the quest for a perfect place, location is often uncompromisable compared to the size of your home. Here’s how to maximise your room with minimum effort.

Neutral palettes

In order to accentuate a space, without overpowering, neutrals play a big part. Subtle hues work to instill a sense of an expansive room whatever the size, rather than crowding it with overwhelming bright pieces. Try shades of beige, grey and French vanilla, accented by crisp, bright white walls to enhance the feeling of space.




Oversized furniture, however beautiful, can actually crowd your small room, so ensure everything is appropriately scaled. Steer away from little bits and pieces or curios. Opt for a side table or accent chair rather than a large centrally-placed piece. If you can move freely, you will feel more free in turn, and less constricted. Aim for simplicity, calm and elegance.  


small space solutions


Simple outlines

Clean lines and a timeless design of furniture will never date. These will only serve to emphasise the simple shapes of the pieces and uplift your small room. Subtlety is key, so steer away from overly decorated and busy patterns and shapes. Think of functional easy-to-live-with designs and colours and your small room will feel palatial. Well, almost.