Welcome to INSPIRE. In a world of ever-increasing chaos, here is a serene sanctuary. Take a moment to pause, take a breath. Let us introduce you to a world of inspiration and information. For beyond the beauty of homewares, there is a way of life to live, breathe and dream that is so much more than just the visual and the tactile pieces you see in store. Here’s how we motivate each other and ourselves, how we discover new perspectives through the people we meet, the advice we need, the art we experience, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the activities we engage in. Come and be a part of it, too. Thank you for joining us.

ADMIRE: People to love.

Designers, makers, creators, collaborators, innovators, buyers, sellers. Celebrating the skills and crafts of different trades, sharing their knowledge and glimpsing into their world. 

ADORE: Stuff to do.

What we love to do right now. As well as what to see, music and podcasts to listen to, food to eat, books to read, recipes we love, outfits to wear. 

PONDER: Ideas and philosophies to think about.

Looking at the world with a new perspective can instantly instil a sense of renewal. Consider different viewpoints and philosophies and personal insights.

DISCOVER: Things to learn.

A collection of ways to expand your mind. Support, advice and knowledge: styling, accessorising, storing and more. Simple tips, tricks and clever cheats to create a calmer, more tranquil home and lifestyle. 

EXPLORE: Places to go.

Australia is a place of abundance, both in its raw materials and natural beauty, but we also look to the world beyond our shores.