Robyn Connelly was always destined to follow a creative path. She has a keen, some would say critical, eye attuned to finding beauty and truth in unexpected places - not only in art but in life.

An abiding interest in the interconnectedness of things and people and how they flow together has drawn her to create collections that reflect the raw beauty of nature. This is coupled with the skilled hands of artisans steeped in their traditional craft. Indeed, nature is a constant and irrepressible source of inspiration for the aesthetic of pleasingly simple pieces, with clean lines and neutral tones that are gentle on the eye and soothing to the soul. Robyn seeks to surround herself with likeminded people and is inspired and nurtured by the complex, creative space and process that allow independent thinking to flourish.

From Papaya's humble beginnings more than 20 years ago in Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay in Sydney, her vision has been to create cohesive collections that are unique, classic, timeless and form a synergistic, coherent whole.

She has built Papaya on a solid ethical base with an unwavering commitment to fair trading and short supply chains so that all participants in the process benefit equitably from each transaction.

She thrives on combining elements that together create uncluttered simplicity; inviting easy and harmonious living, mirroring the calm, inner sanctum she believes we all seek.

Robyn continues to be inspired by simple beauty in all its forms and seeks to share the inner peace and celebration she feels in nature's bounty...

There is true grace in doing well that which you love