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4 Items


Finished by hand, Notre Monde trays showcase the artistry of Indonesian artisans. These sleek, attractive, and flawlessly finished trays make interesting conversation pieces. 

Versatile, with a hard-wearing finish, they perform double duty as art and surface. Hung on a wall, they make a statement piece and when paired with the sturdy tray tables, they add understated elegance to any room. 

The sleek selection combines several variations for the discerning collector. Silk painting, leafing, and silkscreen techniques come together to create the distinct Notre Monde look. 

The trays come in a selection of finishes. Aged mirror, bronze leaf, wood finishes, charcoal glass, and hand-painted designs provide an array of choices.

Muted designs and a consistent colour palette ensure that the designs work well together. Collectors can mix and match tray designs to create custom wall art. 

Since 1996, Papaya has brought Australians the best in functional and sustainable design, and Notre Monde is a natural fit with our brand’s values.