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bar carts & desks

Notre Monde Bar Carts are an exciting update on a classic design. Minimalistic and functional, they'll look good in a large dining room or in a bachelor flat. 

Light dances across the perfectly polished charcoal glass of the bar carts. The effect provides some of the glitz of chrome without being overpowering. 

The sleek metal frame lends sturdy support. Railings along the side provide extra support. Wheel it into any room for a beautiful serving experience.  

The round cart features three levels to maximize vertical space and create a smaller footprint. The rectangular cart increases the serving area while remaining compact and easy to store.

Glass-topped trays are Notre Monde’s signature style. With the new charcoal glass, they’ve created an instant classic that won’t date. 

Notre Monde’s style and philosophy fit in perfectly with our own. We’re thrilled to add this line to our collection.