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Table lamps

The perfect table lamp can make all the difference to your home office, kitchen, living room, or outdoor patio. If you’re searching for bespoke table lamp designs that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s time to explore Papaya’s lighting collection. We have developed a range of unique creations to complement your current features.

Whether you want to purchase a standard, minimalist study lamp or an Arabesque Istanbul Patterned Oval Table Lamp, we have something for everyone at Papaya. Since 1996, we have sourced our furniture pieces and accessories from worldwide artisans dedicated to their crafts.

If you want to explore our full range of table lamps, browse our online store or visit our brick-and-mortar location. We offer Australia-wide delivery services to clients who prefer online purchases. You can also pay with Afterpay if you want to offset the initial purchasing cost of your next table lamp.